Q Group Seminars

Twice a year, members of the Q Group convene to participate in 2-1/2 days of presentations on the latest innovative investment research by both academics and practitioners. Seminars all revolve around themes are are designed to explore topics of current interest to members. The meeting offers members the opportunity to interact with the presenters as well as other experts in the field. Each speaker balances their formal presentations with an extensive Q and A opportunity for attendees to interact with the Speaker and share their experiences in an unstructured setting. Traditionally located in resort venues, attendees have the opportunity to enjoy a full range of leisure activities complimenting the formal program.

The Q Group Program Committee is charged with selecting presentations for each seminar. Presentations are selected from submissions solicited by Q’s research and program coordinators, those identified by members of the program committee, winners of the Jack Treynor Prize and Q Group-funded projects, as well as unsolicited proposals from the membership.

The Q Group Seminars are open to members of the organization and invited guests only. The Membership fee covers the Seminar attendance of one attendee at the two semi-annual meetings. Attendees are also responsible for their travel and accommodations as well as any personal food, beverage and ancillary expenses.

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For summaries of past seminars, check the Seminar Summaries section of the website.

From time to time, papers are also delivered by Fellows of the Q Group, most of whom are winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics.