2011 Spring Seminar

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Neglected Risks, Financial Innovation, and Financial Fragility
Andrei Schleifer, Harvard Business School
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Effect of Housing on Portfolio Choice
Raj Chetty, Harvard University
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Flash Crash: Impact of High Frequency Trading on an Electronic Market
Pete Kyle, University of Maryland
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Conflicting Family Values in Fund Families
Utpal Bhattacharya, Indiana University
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Who’s Doing What to Whom in Wall Street? And Why?
Charles Gasparino, Senior Correspondent, FOX Business Network

Share Issuance and Factor Timing
Robin Greenwood, Harvard Business School
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Portfolio Choice With Illiquid Assets
Andrew Ang, Columbia University


Short Sellers and Financial Misconduct
Jonathan Karpoff, University of Washington
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Paired Bond Trades
Eric Zitzewitz, Dartmouth College
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Hard Times
Chris Polk, London School of Economics
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Socially Responsible Investing and Expected Stock Returns
Sudheer Chava, Georgia Tech
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