2012 Spring Seminar

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Natural Expectations, Economic Fluctuations, and Asset Pricing
David Laibson, Harvard University
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The Market Value of Social Security
Stephen Zeldes, Columbia University, Graduate School of Business
John Geanakoplos, Yale University
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Global Crises and Equity Market Contagion
Geert Bekaert, Columbia University, Graduate School of Business,
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Pension Funding and Investment Strategy Issues from Market Value Accounting
Barton Waring, CIO (Retired), Barclays Global Investors
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Hurricane Outlook For The 21st Century
Hugh E. Willoughby, Florida International University

What is Risk Neutral Volatility?
Stephen Figlewski, New York University, Stern School of Business


Bubbling With Excitement: An Experiment
Terrance Odean, University of California at Berkeley
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New Research in Behavioral Finance
Nicholas Barberis, Yale School of Management
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Toward Determining Systemic Importance
Mark Kritzman, Windham Capital Management
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Noise as Information for Illiquidity
Jiang Wang, MIT Sloan School of Management
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Will My Risk Parity Strategy Outperform?
Lisa Goldberg,MSCI
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