2014 Spring Seminar

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Scale and Skill in Active Management
Lubos Pastor, University of of Chicago, Booth School of Business
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The Investment Performance of Art and Other Collectibles
Elroy Dimson, London Business School and Cambridge Judge Business School
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Estimating Private Equity Returns From Limited Partner Cash Flows
Andrew Ang, Columbia University
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Investor Sentiment Aligned
Guofu Zhou, Washington University, Olin Business School
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The Economics of Big Time College Sports
Roger Noll, Professor of Economics Emeritus, Stanford University

Dissecting Factors
Juhani Linnainmaa, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
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The Not-So-Well-Known Three-and-One-Half Factor Model
Roger Clarke & Harindra de Silva, Analytic Investors, Steven Thorley, Marriott School of Business, Brigham Young University


Corralling Fast Electronic Markets
Larry Harris, USC Marshall School
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The Impact of Hedge Funds on Asset Markets
Andrew Patton, Duke University
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The High Frequency Trading Arms Race and Batch Auctions
Peter Cramton, University of Maryland
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A Model of Momentum
Lu Zhang, The Ohio State University
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Achieving Retirement Income Equivalency between Final-Average-Pay Defined Benefit Plan Accruals and Voluntary Enrollment 401(k) Plans in the Private Sector
Jack Vanderhei, Employee Benefit Research Institute
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