Application Procedures

Call for Working Papers 2019 Jack Treynor Prize

Awarded by The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance (Q Group), the Jack Treynor Prize recognizes superior academic working papers with potential applications in the fields of investment management and financial markets. Q Group awards prizes for prepublication working papers produced by post-doctoral researchers who are employed full-time by academic institutions.

In September and October 2019, Q Group Research Committee will review and select three papers to be recognized for the Jack Treynor Prize. Winners of the prize will be invited to attend the organization’s Spring 2020 conference where they will be formally recognized and given the opportunity to discuss their research with Q Group members. Q Group will provide funding for travel and accommodations for one author of each winning prize. Winners will be announced in the Financial Analysts Journal and on the Q Group website. In addition, Q Group may invite the author(s) to present their paper at the Spring or a future conference. When published, winning papers may acknowledge the Q Group Jack Treynor Prize in their introductory footnotes.

Application Procedure

Authors interested in competing for a Q Group Jack Treynor Prize should submit no more than one working paper in PDF format by Friday, August 16, 2019. The first page of your submission must include a short statement that describes your main results and clearly identifies their relevance to the Q Group mission—advancement of the global practice of investment management—and relevance to the work of organization members. Submissions that are missing this statement will not be considered. If a coauthor has submitted a paper of yours you may submit another paper, however, only one version of a paper may be considered for a prize. The Research Committee considers either an earlier version of a paper or two versions of a paper, to be one and the same if their intended primary innovation is the same regardless of any changes in authorship, title, methodology, or data. If your paper was submitted in the previous year, please do not submit it regardless of how much it has changed or who submitted it.

The Q Group collects papers to be considered for this prize through the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Please submit your papers via this link. As the SSRN system is designed primarily to collect submissions to conferences, not prize competitions, some of the instructions that you see there may be confusing. Please click on, view, and closely follow the supplemental instructions “Additional Instructions for Q Group Submitters” that appear on the first submission page.

Further questions may be directed to Larry Harris at or (323) 244-1154