Jack Treynor Prize

The Q Group’s annual Jack Treynor Prize recognizes superior academic working papers with potential applications in the fields of investment management and financial markets. Each year, Q awards three prizes for prepublication working papers produced by post-doctoral researchers who are employed full-time by academic institutions. The Prize was first instituted in 2014.

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The Q Group Research Committee organizes the prize competition and evaluates the submissions. Every spring, the Committee issues a call for working paper submissions with a mid-August deadline.  The Committee reviews the papers in September and October and makes its final selection of the three papers to honor with Jack Treynor Prize at Q Group’s Fall Conference.

The Q Group invites winners of the Prize to attend our subsequent Spring conference where they are formally recognized and given the opportunity to discuss their research with Q Group members. Q Group provides funding for travel and accommodations for up to three authors of each winning prize. The most recent winners are announced in the February 2021 Journal of Portfolio Management as well as on the Q Group website. In addition, Q may invite the author(s) to present their paper at the Spring seminar or at a future seminar. When published, winning papers must acknowledge the Q Group Jack Treynor Prize in their introductory footnotes.

About Jack Treynor

Jack Treynor was one of the founders of modern quantitative investment management. His pioneering work on how discount rates should depend on risk anticipated and contributed to the development of the Capital Asset Pricing Model. Treynor subsequently made numerous other contributions in the areas of performance evaluation, risk management, trading analytics, and inflation dynamics. As long-time editor of the Financial Analysts Journal, Treynor substantially raised the quality of discourse among financial analysts. Many of his articles, including those written under the pseudonym Walter Bagehot, have become classics of investment management. Treynor was a Q Group Research Fellow and a long-time member of Q Group where his contributions to program and discussions have been, and remain, invaluable.