Jack Treynor Passes Away May 11, 2016

Jack Treynor, one of the founders of modern quantitative investment management, passed away on May 11, 2016. His pioneering work on how discount rates should depend on risk, anticipated the development of the Capital Asset Pricing Model. He also made numerous contributions in the areas of performance evaluation, risk management and trading analytics. As the long-time editor of the Financial Analysts Journal, Jack substantially raised the quality of discourse among financial analysts.  Many of his articles, including some written under the pseudonym Walter Bagehot, have become classics of investment management. Jack was a Q Group Fellow, met often with the Board and served on the Program and Research Committees. 

Jack’s presentations and discussions at Q meetings were insightful, often invaluable. In honor of his contributions to Q and to the profession, last year Q named its prize for financial research the Jack Treynor Prize. His remarks on that occasion were memorable and brought the crowd to its feet. We will miss him.