Membership Benefits FAQs

Why should an organization want to become a Sponsor?

If you are a senior investment professional who is committed to a disciplined approach to investment management, and, your organization’s philosophy is grounded in the use of quantitative applications in the investment decision process, and, You wish to be at the leading edge of your profession, then your firm would benefit from becoming a Sponsor of The Q Group.

What do the semi-annual seminars feature?

In the spring and fall of each year, members of the Q Group can participate in three and one-half day seminars; usually conducted on the east coast in the spring and on the west coast in the fall. Seminars are topical and usually revolve around current themes. Presentations focus on the latest quantitative investment research under development by both academics and practitioners. The conferences offer members ample opportunity to interact with the presenters as well as with other experts in the field. Sponsor participants who are authorities in the field of quantitative investing are encouraged to present their own research studies when accepted by the Program Committee.