Membership Fees

Annual membership fees are set by the Board of Directors and are reassessed annually to ensure sufficient funds to meet organization expenses. Annual Membership fees are billed in November of each year.

Current dues are:
$5,500 per year (one representative per organization)
$11,000 per year (two representatives per organization)

One Seat

$ 5,500 annually for a One Seat Member (Send 1 delegate to the 2 Seminars each year—total of 2 delegates annually)

Two Seat

$ 11,000 annually for a Two Seat Member (Send 2 delegates to the 2 Seminars each year—total of 4 delegates annually)

Extra Seminar Seat

$ 2,800 for any Member (Paid to send a 2nd person if you are a 1 seat member; Paid to send a 3rd person if you are a 2 seat member)

2nd time Attendees

Seminar Seat for 2nd time Attendees $2,800 (1st time guests come for free)


$ 150.00 Meals and social functions for spouses or companions at the Spring or Fall seminar. Children under 18 may attend for free.