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What is the process for becoming a Sponsor of the Institute?

The Policy of the Board of Directors is to admit as many qualified Sponsor members as possible while at the same time insuring that there is maximum opportunity for close interaction of speakers and Sponsors of the Institute. An organization interested in becoming a Q Group Sponsor should request an information packet from the Membership Director by providing the information below. The packet contains a descriptive pamphlet, a recent Q Seminar program and summary, along with the latest 5 Year Volume of Seminar Proceedings and a current Annual Report.

The Membership Director will also provide an application, which, upon completion, will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for their review. Upon approval, the organization will receive an invitation to the next upcoming seminar.

First time attendees are guests of the Institute and responsible only for their transportation and hotel charges. Subsequent to attending the first seminar, an invitation will be extended to attend the next seminar at which time the organization will be billed $3,250 (half the current annual dues of $6,500 ) and under current conditions will be admitted as a sponsor of Q at the Business meeting of the Institute.

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