Participants’ Perspective

2016 Spring Seminar

The objective of the Participants’ Perspective is to put forward a thoughtful impression of what the speaker said that has relevance to the average seminar participant and to encourage the reader to delve deeper into presentations and subjects they find interesting. The focus is on [1] practical significance to practitioners; [2] appropriateness and rigor of quantitative methods; and [3] novelty of results and techniques. Participants’ Perspective serves several objectives, but is not a formal academic review. Our guidelines for writing the Perspectives include:

  • Provide audience-level impressions, based on discussions and notes made during the presentation. These are not written from the author’s perspective, but from that of the practitioner: how can this help to deepen my appreciation for the subtleties of my profession?
  • The reviews fit into a framework that encompasses the perspectives of the Q Group members: Importance, Investigation, Innovation, and Insights. This framework focuses on what the audience should expect from an interesting and well-delivered presentation.
  • Brevity rules: we provide a quick review accessible to busy readers in one page. In today’s busy world, we all need to zero in on important information and go past that which is less relevant.

The 2016 Spring Participants’ Perspective is compiled in the order that the sessions were presented. Download the full Spring 2016 Participant Perspective here.