• Why Join The Q Group

    An organization interested in becoming a Q Group Corporate Member should request an information packet.


    An honest and intelligent impression of what the speaker said that has relevance to the average participant in the audience.

  • Call for Working Papers

    The Q Group provides financial support for superior academic research projects with potential applications in the field of investment management.


Connecting the theory and practice of finance for over 40 years

Mission: Q Group seeks to increase its members’ investment knowledge and advance the practice of investment management by connecting investment professionals and scholars in discussions of ideas and trends at the frontier of the industry.
Our Vision: Creative advances often come from mixing ideas at the boundaries of two closely allied, but distinct disciplines. To facilitate the interchange of ideas between investment professionals and academic scholars, the Q Group

  • Sponsors conferences to discuss research papers in an open and collaborative forum.
  • Funds, summarizes and distributes promising research with application to investment management.